The Life coach (certificated expert that practice coaching) is a professional who supports the individual, who offers the possibility of developing the small changes to generate new perspectives in one’s personal life, as well as couple and family life.

More and more, people are turning to a coach, both in the sphere of life and sport, with different goals; for improvement of their situation in the life or in a particular area of it, with the desire to clarify what they want to “do”, and subsequently to identify the new actions that will result with the new achievements in the chosen field.

Fears and desires as “I don’t know where to go, what direction to go”, “I want to understand more”, “I want to think about this aspect to bestow better”, “I want to manage the relationship with the others better”, “I want to improve my self-esteem”, etc., represent the first form of awareness that allows the person to focus on objective one wants to work with; to decide where to put a specific attention, and to which areas of personal or professional life that refers. It is the same person that is addressed to the coach that chooses the topic for the conversation; the coach (in person or by telephone) considers the present situation (the “where you are today”), and defines what the person is willing to do to reach the goal (the “where would you like to be tomorrow”).

Therefore, life coaching is monitoring of the individual, of the team or a group, towards the desired changes; represents a collaboration, aimed for the achievement of personal goals (relational or professional) that, by acting on personal empowerment and a sense of effectiveness, seeks to develop the best of the people’s potential.